If you have rights to create shares, you can create a share from different places on Windows PC and Mac OS-X

If you’re using windows, you’re able to create a share from “Windows Explorer”, “Desktop App” and “Web-Client” (Examples below)

Windows Explorer (Right click on an already made share)
Desktop App (Click at New Share icon)
Web-Client (Click New Share)

If you’re using Mac, you’re able to create a share from “Finder”, “Clouddrive icon in Finder” “CloudDrive icon” and “Web-Client” (Examples below)

Finder (“Right click” in Finder, select New Share)
CloudDrive Icon (Click at the icon in Finder, and select New Share)
Fisiere.ro application (Click the icon (new share) and select New Share)
Web-Client (Click New Share)

It’s not possible to create a share on mobile devices.